kadien (celestial_demon) wrote,


her officemates invited her for a drink. i encouraged her since it's a way to build rapport with her colleagues. what i didn't expect though was that i need to be seated at a different table. *laughs* she doesn't want them to know about me i guess.

it feels like... high school. wahahaha! i feel a bit off but i told her it was fine. she kept telling me earlier, "wag ka magalit/magtampo. well. me comin to her area wasn't really planned so.. *sigh* para nga naman akong sagabal.

i'm not sure if she forgot that i still have demons that i'm still trying to get rid off. but right now, they're kinda strong. ahahaha! i actually want to cry. what the fuck.

time to test if my latest mask is any good.

i don't know what i'm feeling exactly.

a bit off.

a bit dubious.

can you blame me?

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