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coz baby, you confuse me.

wow.. it's been a long time, huh? i was able to find my damn password recently, so yeah.

obviously, a lot of shit happened. like, i thought i finally found my partner. turned out to be a life lesson instead. *laughs* after five years, she cheated, fucked another girl and everything. but i'm over that.

i met someone. she's currently not replying, but it was really my fault. *sigh* i promised to wait for her to get home but i left my phone in the room while charging as i unpacked my stuff, sorted it, and cleaned up my mess. as a consequence, she ignored me the whole day.

i really miss her.
---which scares the hell out of me. i've been trying to assess myself and it's really hard to admit it.. but yeah, i'm falling for her. fine. i fell for her. i really, really, really like her.

i hope she replies tomorrow. checked the dating app, and she was online. ahaha.. that hurt. like, really hurt.
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