kadien (celestial_demon) wrote,


KILL MEEEEEEE!!! gawd! so many deadlines for tomorrow and they only told us about it last wednesdei. sheesh! here's a pair of scissors and just stab me. it has been a loooOong time since i last posted something.. ahaha! yeah, apparently i'm still alive... XD

first i have to finish encoding my grades for science and pass it tomorrow... then PDM... as for the grades in math and my lesson plans, i'll just have to pass it on mondei before 10am. yey. oh. i still have to prepare my powerpoint presentations for tomorrow's lessons. ahaha. ha. T____T
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OMG! You're still a teacher! Congrats! XD
i know right.. XD ahaha!
Well, hello there! So good to see something from you...hope everything turns out all right! :)
hi!!! still finishing the pdm thing.. can't really screw up since it's my permanency year.. XD